The New Standard

I'm sure many of us have grabbed a coffee on the go at a train station or a bus station. Not thinking too much about the taste. But something has changed over recent times.

More of us have stopped for a moment, tasted, and wondered if we could do any better. Does coffee really need to taste of burnt rubber? Just because it's hot and you need that little caffeine fix doesn't mean it needs to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Step up Lesley and Mark from Vic&Hil. They're our new customers now based at Cullybackey train station every morning from 6 until 9.  And they are now serving our Nabla speciality coffee. Lesley and Mark wanted a coffee that, hopefully, makes you stop for a moment to savour the smooth blend of Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America. 

Judging by the feedback so far, and the increasing numbers of customers each day, it looks like a they're onto something. 

Don't forget to drop by and say hello in you're in the area. Their Facebook page is here