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You can reach us here

Email: - Admin@CausewayCoffee.Com

Tel:- 02870 400 450

Main Shop (see also our stockists)

Makers House, The Designerie. Bushmills. BT57 8QD. 

Opening Hours 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday


Causeway Coffee Ltd. Titanic Suites, 55-59 Adelaide Street. Belfast. BT2 8FE

Tel 02870 400 450

Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm excluding public holidays. 

Sorry but meetings by appointment only. We don't do retail sales on site. 

The Team

Chris -       Operations and Product Development- Chris@CausewayCoffee.Com

Graham-    Account Management- Graham@CausewayCoffee.Com

Michaella- Training and Development- Michaella@CausewayCoffee.Com

Megan-      Wholesale- Megan@CausewayCoffee.Com