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Aoife is our latest coffee and comes from a small three hectare farm in the Narino region of Columbia. 

Everth Narváez has dedicated his life to coffee farming and works on the farm with his wife and three kids.

Over the last four years he has been working on new processes to improve the quality of the coffee he produces. Everth’s farm is found in the small village town of Medina Espejo in the South of Colombia. 
The farm sits at an altitude of 1800 masl and is surrounded by mountains with important rivers close by.
This Medium roast has smooth tastes of Honey, Chocolate and Blackcurrant
We've named this coffee Aoife which is probably derived from the Gaelic 'aoibh' which means "beauty" or "radiance". 


Medium Roast

Bean typeCaturra, Castillo

Countries-Columbia- Narino (Finca Buesaco)



Altitude- 1,800 masl