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Cafetiere Brew Guide

Delicious coffee with a Cafetiere in 4 easy steps.

The Cafetiere (also know as the French Press) has been popular since the swinging sixties. Many kitchens have one somewhere so it's time to dig it out of that cupboard and make some great coffee. 

You'll Need

  • A Cafetiere / French Press
  • Great coffee beans. 
  • A grinder
  • Scale
  • Hot Water
  • Timer
  • Mug

 Let's Get Brewing

  • Weigh & grind your coffee. This is key to getting your brew tasting consistently good. If you’re brewing for 2 people, you will need 35g of coffee, and 500ml water. Aim for a coarse grind.

  • Pour the full 500ml of water gently and slowly onto the coffee grounds and give it a stir. Start your timer, and after 1 minute stir the grounds that have settled on the surface of the water. These need re-introducing to the body of liquid for even extraction. Leave for 4 minutes in total.

  • Pop the plunger and lid onto the pot of coffee and slowly press down. You shouldn’t feel too much resistance.

  • Surprisingly, this is one of the most important steps with this method, and typically the step most forgotten! Decant the entirety of the coffee as soon as you’ve plunged, it will limit the amount of fines or sludge in your cup, and reduce over-extraction.

Serve and enjoy!

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