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Talk to us About Speciality Coffee

Speciality coffee refers to high-quality coffee beans that are carefully selected, roasted, and brewed to bring out distinctive flavours and characteristics.

These beans are typically sourced from specific regions known for their superior coffee-growing conditions, such as altitude, soil quality, and climate.

Speciality coffee is often roasted in small batches by skilled roasters who prioritize flavour development and complexity. The focus is on highlighting the unique attributes of the coffee beans, resulting in a premium coffee experience that goes beyond mass-produced, commodity-grade coffee.

Speciality coffee is often considered superior to mass-produced coffee for several reasons:

Quality Beans

Specialty coffee is made from high-quality beans that are carefully sourced from specific regions known for their favourable growing conditions. These beans tend to have unique flavour profiles and characteristics that are carefully preserved throughout the production process.

Attention to Detail 

Specialty coffee production involves meticulous attention to detail at every stage, from cultivation to roasting and brewing. Skilled farmers, roasters, and baristas are involved in ensuring that the beans are handled with care and precision to bring out their best qualities.

Small-Batch Roasting

Specialty coffee is typically roasted in small batches by experienced roasters who have a deep understanding of coffee beans and flavor profiles. This allows for greater control over the roasting process, resulting in beans that are roasted to perfection and free from defects.


Specialty coffee is often roasted to order and consumed relatively soon after roasting, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor. This contrasts with mass-produced coffee, which may sit on shelves for extended periods before being consumed, resulting in a loss of flavor and aroma.

Ethical Sourcing

Many specialty coffee producers prioritize ethical sourcing practices, such as fair trade and direct trade relationships with coffee farmers. This ensures that farmers receive fair compensation for their work and encourages sustainable farming practices.

Focus on Flavour

Our specialty coffee is all about flavour. Roasters and baristas go to great lengths to highlight the unique flavours and characteristics of the beans, allowing coffee drinkers to enjoy a more nuanced and satisfying coffee experience.

Overall with the Causeway Coffee range, the combination of high-quality beans, attention to detail, small-batch roasting, freshness, ethical sourcing, and a focus on flavour makes specialty coffee stand out as a superior choice for coffee enthusiasts.

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