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So how should you store your coffee beans?

We know that coffee pods and even instant coffee can be convenient but nothing beats the taste of freshly ground coffee beans. But where and how do you keep your lovely fresh Causeway Coffee beans until you are ready for your next cup?

There are many opinions on what works best although we found some quite surprising results when we tried them out. So let's deal with the easy stuff first. 

1) Only grind your coffee beans when you need them. 

Ground coffee can be very good but once it’s roasted and ground it inevitably goes stale. The oil in the beans evaporates as they are ground and the coffee is packed. Vacuum-packing helps preserve the taste and aroma, but ground coffee will never match the smell and flavour of freshly ground coffee. 

2) Air is bad

There is general agreement that, once you open your bag of fresh coffee beans, the coffee beans degrade slowly as their oils dissipate. So the first thing to do is to close the bag tightly squeezing out as much air as possible. We found that putting an elastic band around the bag to hold it shut worked just fine. 

3) Light is even worse

This was a shock. Everyone in our tasting panel noticed a significant difference in taste between one set of beans stored in darkness and another exposed to light. This is one to keep in mind if you keep your coffee beans in a Tupperware box.  So a cool, dry and dark cupboard is ideal. 

4) Freezing your coffee beans. 

It's fair to say that exposing your precious coffee beans to moisture is not a good thing. But it doesn't mean that you can't freeze the beans. Freezing will suspend the evaporation of oils from the beans but it is a difficult balance. We found that it was o.k. to freeze an unopened bag of beans and to allow the bag to fully defrost before opening was the best approach. That way you can keep exposure to moisture to a complete minimum and still get a great taste. 

With these tips in mind you should be able to keep your coffee beans consistently fresh for longer.  


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