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Cheaper coffee at home without the mess?

The world of making fresh coffee at home has always had it's challenges. And one of the biggest of these is about making lovely fresh coffee without all those messy coffee grounds. So many people have given up on making their regular coffee brew clogged sinks from their cafetiere.

For those who love the smell and taste of freshly roasted speciality coffee with it's huge range of flavour profiles, lower caffeine and clean finish it should be a no brainer. But we have busy lives and generally don't have time to waste cleaning up. So can you really make great coffee at home without the mess and without a fancy home espresso machine? 

Well there will always be some sacrifice to the ease of a pod machine or just putting boiling water onto instant coffee. That would be grinding your coffee using your own burr grinder but that should be the only sacrifice to convenience. If your home is filled with the lovely smell of freshly ground coffee you might call this a win. 

Then it's just the method and we would recommend either an Aeropress or a Hario V60 dripper. The Aeropress, which is like a big syringe, creates a nice little puk which can be emptied into the bin. You simply then rinse the Aeropress and you're ready for the next brew. If you put your Aeropress over your reusable cup you're ready to travel. 

The V60 dripper is also handy placed above your mug or reuseable cup. It might take a little longer to brew than an Aeropress but the results can be amazing. 

Prices on these start from around £10.99 for the Hario Dripper and £34.99 for the Aeropress and should last you years. 

Our Niamh coffee is a Yellow Bourbon bean from Brazil and considering our small 200g bag of coffee can make around 15 cups you can see how you can make great coffee, on a budget, without resorting to that expensive takeaway coffee from your local cafe. An easy clean way of making amazing coffee at home. 

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