Saba (Decaf)

Saba (Decaf)

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This is our very special decaf coffee. It's a single origin bean from the Neiva region of Columbia . It has tastes of nutmeg and cloves as well as some citrus flavours. We love this as a flat white but it's equally at home without milk. We hope you enjoy. 

We've named this coffee after another of Fionn MacCool's wives. It is commonly held that Saba (or Sadhbh) was Fionn MacCool's favourite wife. Irish mythology says that she was turned into a Doe for refusing another warrior's love (Fer Doirich) but, after 3 years, became a beautiful girl again when she met Fionn MacCool. 

Medium Roast

Bean type-    Caturra, Castillo

Countries-   Columbia- Neiva

Harvest-       May to December

Preparation- Washed

Altitude-        900-1,750 masl